Tasmania is a modern, vibrant and unique place to live and study.

Our region offers an affordable alternative to other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and is very easy to get around – there are no traffic jams or pollution for students travelling from their home to schools, colleges, universities, restaurants and shops.

By choosing to study in Tasmania you will experience an Australian destination with fewer international students than other Australian locations. This means that your English language skills will improve quickly and you will have fantastic opportunities to meet local friends. Tasmanian is a safe and secure destination; our students walk freely in the evenings and the region has settled weather with four distinct seasons.

Average costs of living in Tasmania:

      Price $AUD
      Accommodation (private or boarding):
      $120 – $300 per week
      A dish at a casual restaurant
      $10 – $20
      McDonalds meal
      A fresh Tasmanian seafood meal
      $15 – $30
      Public transport (buses)
      $15 – $20 per week
      Noodles (supermarket, 5 servings)
      Green tea (box)
      Bread (sandwich loaf)


A multicultural society

Tasmanian cities feature a blend of modern and classical, European styled buildings and like all Australian states has a multicultural population which means many styles and types of food, cultural and religious activities and strong communities are available to students.

Most Tasmanian schools, colleges and universities have a multicultural student population and many host international students and foreign exchange programmes.


Working in Tasmania

Working a part-time job whilst you study abroad in Tasmania is a fantastic way for you to meet new people, earn some extra money, and practice your English.

Finding work in Tasmania is just like finding work anywhere else. The availability of jobs is not guaranteed, however there are plenty of people, such as employment agencies, to help you in your search for a job and give you tips for applications and interviews. Check our useful links section below to find sites to help you find a job.

As a student on a student visa, there are rules about how many hours of part-time work you are allowed to do per week. Most people on a student visa in Australia are permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight while studying, and full time during the school holidays.

For information on tuition fees in Tasmania, click here to contact the education provider directly.



In Tasmania there is a large range of extra curricular activities on offer to students. Whether it is joining a sports club, participating in a cultural festival, visiting a museum, shopping or exploring the beautiful natural environment and scenery, you will always find something interesting to do.


Useful websites

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