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We understand that as parents, there is a lot to consider when sending your child overseas for studies.  We can help you navigate the options and show you why studying in Tasmania, Australia is a great choice.

Why Tasmania is a good choice for your child

They will receive quality education

By choosing Tasmania, your child will receive quality education that will be internationally recognised.

  • Tasmania’s has high-quality teachers and courses across university, secondary schools, vocational training institutions and English language programs.
  • The institutions offer preparatory programs, pathway programs and scholarship opportunities.
  • Smaller classroom and tutorial sizes mean there is more opportunity for your child to interact with their teacher and ensure they excel in their studies.

Skills for life and future employment

By studying in Tasmania, your child will not only learn skills for life but also skills that will lead to great employability outcomes. These skills are valuable to Tasmanian and global employers.

Skills they will learn:

  • Independence and self-motivation
  • Strong communication skills
  • How to collaborate with peers and lead teams
  • Empathy for other cultures
  • Multitasking and time management
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Presenting ideas and reasoning
  • Commitment and confidence
  • Building great networks and lifelong friendships

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Great employability outcomes

Tasmania offers career opportunities in many different areas including engineering, IT, marine and environmental science, construction, hospitality, healthcare, teaching and several professional services.

Many Tasmanian companies have graduate programs for international students .

Study Tasmania also partners with the University and other organisations to provide free employability workshops to international students.

For more on this, read about working while studying and after graduation- career pathways.

They will learn English through living experience

Your child will advance their English quicker by being surrounded by English speakers. They will also be welcomed by a friendly community, giving them the confidence to be able to speak to anyone.

Visit our English Courses page for more information.

They will be safe

Most importantly, your child will be in safe hands.

Feel reassured knowing that your child will be living in a safe environment.

Tasmania is not overcrowded and therefore your child can freely walk around the cities and feel safe. Tasmania is small enough to feel a sense of community, but large enough to ensure your child has the conveniences of all the great elements of a city at their doorstep.

They won’t be alone

They won’t be alone- we have over 15,000 international students currently studying in Tasmania and a friendly Tasmanian population of over 540,000 people.

Each major city has multicultural centres, sport clubs and other community activities. Institutions also offer great support classes and services for international students.

Click here to explore more of Tasmania

High standard of living

Tasmania has some of the freshest air and cleanest water in the world. The state has some of the lowest city pollution, and is 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable energy.

Almost half of Tasmania is covered in national parks and reserves, giving your child an incredible environment to explore and unwind when taking a break from study.

Multicultural population

Like all Australian states, Tasmania has a multicultural population which means many styles and types of food, cultural and religious activities are available to students.

Most Tasmanian schools, colleges and universities have a multicultural student population and many host international students and foreign exchange programmes.

Great lifestyle

Our cities are a hub of activity full of shops, restaurants and cafes. We also have karaoke bars, bowling alleys, theatres, and cinemas.

The food and drink scene is amazing in Tasmania, home to some of the freshest produce and seafood in the world. There are local produce and craft markets, music, food and art festivals, multicultural groups and events, and a passion for all sport.

Things to plan for your child

  1. Find which education institution and course

    We can help - have a look at all the institutions here and contact them about your child’s application.

  2. Understand visa requirements

    This is an important step to understand entry requirements.

  3. Budget

    Plan a budget for your child’s course and living expenses.

  4. Insurance

    Make sure you have health insurance for your child over the duration of their stay.

  5. Accommodation

    There are some great accommodation options to choose from.

  6. Flights

    As Tasmania is an island, your child will need to fly into another major city first before transiting through to Tasmania.

  7. Ways to continue communication

    Your child will be in safe hands in Tasmania but it is always good to set up regular check-ins. With free internet available on most campuses - set up an instant message and video calling account.

Next steps?

Discover more about study options here.