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Tasmania is a food lovers paradise – Take a break from your studies to enjoy some of the islands specialties such as local cheeses, fresh salmon, lobster, truffles, honey and exceptional beef, beer and wine regarded as some of the best in the world.

Restaurants and café and multicultural cuisine

Tasmania is exploding with incredible restaurants and cafes to suit every budget. Australian cuisine can be anything from a pub meal like a Chicken Parmigiana and chips, to a steak. Typical Tasmanian food follows British cuisines of meat and vegetables, or a sandwich or salad for lunch, breakfast is usually a savoury breakfast of eggs, bacon and sides or sweet treats like pancakes or waffles.

As a multicultural country we have embraced multiple cuisines and you can enjoy so many cuisines here.

Tasmania has a lot of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Bengali, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Mexican, South American restaurants and food trucks.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea mania has taken over Tasmania too. From classic flavours like taro and matcha to flavours like cheese, Yakult, goji berries and even bubble tea ice cream, you will soon find your new favourite here.

Supermarkets and grocers

Tasmania has two major supermarket chains - Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets.

Tasmania also has IGA (Independent Grocer Association) stores. These are smaller grocery stores like Hill Street Grocer and Salamanca Fresh. Many supermarkets have aisles dedicated to international food like noodles, rice, spices, sauces and other condiments.

We have you sorted for your specific cooking needs too. Tasmania has many multicultural supermarkets and grocers including Asian, Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Korean, African and Middle Eastern. You can even find vessels and other cooking equipment you need to whip up a special home cooked meal here.


Seafood lovers, look no further. Tasmania is home to amazing and fresh seafood. Being an island with pristine water, we have incredible access. Think abalone, rock lobster, oysters, mussels, scallops, deep sea fish and salmon and freshwater trout. There are many amazing seafood restaurant across the state, or you could simply head down to the wharf in Hobart and get it straight from the boats.


Tasmanians survive on three things; the world’s cleanest air, purest water and great coffee! Coffee culture is key to what it means to be a Tasmanian, in fact Hobart ranks second in Australia, only after Melbourne, for the frequency that people visit cafes.

Like all produce in Tasmania, quality and perfection is the focus, and the competition is fierce between baristas who source the best beans and pour the best coffee.

Cafés are not all about the coffee – they are a place to socialise with friends or study in a cosy environment. Many offer free Wifi and cheaper prices for students too. Want a treat? Our cafes offer a great range of delicious pastries, local and exotics tea to try as well.

Some of Tasmania’s newest and most trendy cafes have been opened and operated by international students following graduation. Tasmanian vocational schools offer courses in coffee making and many international students train and work as baristas during their studies, so you too could turn your love of coffee into a career.

Beanhunter is a great resource to find out which cafes are currently popular throughout Tasmania – otherwise why not try them all and decide yourself!?

Aussie Barbeque

The barbecue is crucial part of Tasmanian culture, especially in the warm summer months when the sun shines for over 15 hours a day. In these perfect conditions, friends and family gather around the barbecue to cook, eat, drink and socialise – a true Tasmanian experience is not complete without attending or organising your own!

The common food to barbecue are sausages, steak or beef burgers – however vegetarian options like fresh veggie burgers, eggplant or mushrooms are increasingly enjoyed by many.

There are free public barbecues found at beaches, parks, and camping grounds throughout Tasmania. These are electric and will start with the simple press of a button, and turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Use this helpful guide for searching for free barbecues in Tasmania, simply enter in your suburb and get cooking!! If you are ever invited to a local’s house for a barbecue, here are some great tips about barbecue etiquette to ensure you will be the perfect guest!