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That's my name.
Where I come from.
What a pleasure to meet!

Xin chào / Howdy!!

As you may have probably read from the short poem that I made above, my name is Haley and I am from Vietnam! I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing at University of Tasmania.

Tasmania is the first destination away from home that I chose to come to. Leaving home to live abroad must be a tough decision to make for all international students, including me. I understand that it takes courage and sacrifice, yet I know for sure that the valuable experience that I will gain from this journey is totally worth the effort! So far, I have been able to experience a majority of new and exciting things which I had never had an opportunity to do before. This includes immersing myself in a multi-cultural environment and making friends with those from different nationalities. This has undoubtedly opened my perspective and enhanced my sense of community.

There are lots of stimulating components that never fail to trigger my curiosity in Tasmania! I love the long road trips with friends to the historical lands of Tasmania, where the views are breath-taking. I love the way Tasmanians support small businesses and how everything is community-centred. What carves deeply into my mind, especially about Tasmania, is beginning my journey of self-discovery. The tranquillity of Tasmania has given me the time and space to explore and develop myself into a person who I look forward to becoming. I am even more eager to see what other promising experiences this beautiful island will bring me in the future!