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My name is Hai Le. I am from Vietnam, currently studying Master of Information Technology & Systems at the University of Tasmania. I previously completed my Bachelor in Accounting & Finance, so combining business and technology will further my career development.

I chose to study in Tasmania because of the reputation and teaching quality of UTAS and everything that Tasmania has to offer from the best air, high living standards, and the friendliest community. I have visited many states around the country, but Tasmania is a destination I will call home. I honestly admitted falling in love with this island state, especially its chilling weather throughout the year. I have the privileged to interact with local Tassie’s, and with me, they are friendliest people I have ever met. I love to experience new adventures and Tasmania is able to offer these fantastic journeys.

If you have any chance to come to Australia, come down here to Tasmania to experience your own fabulous experience. For everyone out there, I want to shout out to all of you to come to Tasmania to study, work and live. My sharing can be limited, but experiences will be endless in this marvellous island state. I hope to see you here one day.