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Quality Education

Tasmania is a great place to get a high school education. The world class Australian curriculum is accompanied by the cleanest air, the highest levels of personal safety and an English language environment, perfect for improving language skills and fluency.


You can choose from a wide variety of schools based on your academic and personal interests. You will also be able to participate in many school organised extra-curricular activities and make many new friends.


The majority of secondary schools in Tasmania, which cater to international students are found primarily in Hobart and Launceston. The Tasmanian Government runs primary schools (year Kinder-6), high schools (year 7-10) and colleges (year 11-12) across the state (the public education system) and many other schools at these year levels are operated by Catholic, Independent and Private schools.

Tasmanian Government Schools (Home-Stay Accommodation)

If you are seeking to qualify for university, a study abroad experience or short-term study tour, Tasmanian Government schools provide a great high school program.

Australian colleges

Tasmania has a year 11 and 12 College system. In this system, the final two years of school is where students complete their Tasmanian Certificate of Education and get their entry scores for Australian and international universities. The advantages of such a system are focussed learning opportunities, a mature study environment, much wider range of subject offerings and access to specialist teaching staff and the latest technology.

In Tasmania, both private and government schools educate their students to the same standard, ensuring that all children are afforded a world-class education to prepare them for life after school.

What to expect

Tasmanian Government schools provide care and support to help you succeed in your studies, including a comprehensive orientation program, homestay accommodation services, subject counselling, ongoing English language support and 24-hour emergency contact.

Most Tasmanian Government school offer co-ed environments, which provides great diversity and socialisation.

Independent schools (boarding accommodation)

Tasmania is home to many outstanding private and independent schools who are amongst Australia’s oldest and most prestigious institutions. These schools are dedicated to the individual needs of students, with personalised guidance offered to ensure that all children can excel in their chosen field of endeavour.

Options exist for boys only, girls only and co-educational education. Specialised extra-curricular activities are offered at all schools, including a range of sports and community activities. All independent schools offer boarding accommodation, most of which is located on the school campus.