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Engage with national leaders in medicine and pharmacy when studying in Tasmania. With some of the highest graduate job outcomes in Australia, Tasmania’s focus on health care and commitment to health research makes it a key study destination for students.

Studying health and medicine in Tasmania gives students the opportunity to engage in innovative and hands on programs with a focus on technology and high-quality research.

In addition to degrees in medicine and pharmacy, Specialist areas are also available for study. These include but are not limited to dementia care, nutrition science, and paramedic practice and laboratory medicine.

Tasmania is also the home to the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. The renowned institute, established in 1988, has contributed to internationally significant medical research. Some of its discoveries include:

  • key evidence on the link between babies' sleeping position and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • genetic markers are linked to men's risk of developing prostate cancer
  • children who are exposed to their parents' cigarette smoke may suffer an irreversible impact to their cardiovascular health later in life
  • higher vitamin D levels are associated with a lower relapse risk in multiple sclerosis
  • childhood obesity does not permanently increase cardiovascular risk if obesity in adulthood is avoided
  • nerve cells in undamaged parts of the brain can remodel themselves in response to acquired brain injury
  • platelets found in the blood kill the malaria parasite during the early stages of a malarial infection
  • development of risk algorithms for prediction of heart failure in persons at risk of heart failure, and risk assessment for hospital re-admission in patients with heart failure.