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A study experience you won’t receive anywhere else in the world. Tasmania is rated the number one place in the world to study the Southern Ocean and the number one in Australia for Oceanography.

As an island state, Tasmania is a gateway to the diverse marine environment of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic. Being so close to this environment has allowed Tasmania to develop world-class research programs and maritime facilities with a focus on the sustainable management of the marine environment.

Tasmania is not only rated the number one place in the world to study the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, but it has also gained the following rankings in 2018:

  • Oceanology: number one in Australia and number 13 in the world
  • Marine and Fresh Water Biology: number four in the world
  • Fisheries: number seven in the world.

Marine and Antarctic studies in Tasmania combines science-based research with themes of global sustainability to provide a unique and meaningful study experience. You will be able to major in areas such as chemistry, geology, marine biology and physics with a focus on the temperate marine, Antarctic and southern ocean . Taught by world-renowned experts, you will be able to excel in specialised research areas such as:

  • fisheries and aquaculture
  • ecology and biodiversity
  • oceans and cryosphere studies
  • ocean-earth systems
  • oceans and Antarctic governance.