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Hi there,

My name is Tingting Tina Cai from North China, currently in my final year of a Master of Teaching course at the University of Tasmania. I understand how challenging life and study can be during the pandemic, as many students' plans had been put off, mine included. But here I am, and so are you! We've made it so far! It is a moment worth celebrating!

Nǐ Hǎo / Sain baina uu / How's it going?

Tasmania, my first destination in Australia a couple of years ago, drew my attention with its tranquillity and wilderness, and I immediately fell in love with this heart-shaped land ever since. I have had many road trips with friends since and found that every scenery around the corner is fabulous, breathtaking, and always surprises you.

My passion for teaching gives me a myriad of opportunities to embrace new things and step out of my comfort zone. Deciding to study in Tasmania is one of them. Apart from my brand-new experience of coursework and placements, in my spare time, I also have many different volunteering roles at the university, UTAS CSSA, School of Education SELTC and Tasmanian MRC, helping our student cohort, new immigrants, refugees and a more extensive range of international community at large. Working voluntarily in these roles has allowed me to eventually find my inner self, understand my strengths, weaknesses, goals and motivations better and achieve inner peace. Now, I feel confident and ready to face all other future challenges and explore all possibilities ahead!