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Of the many things that scream ‘Australian summer’, the barbeque is the most fun. Read on to know about the best ways to enjoy one.

We are officially in the last month of summer. This means that people are scrambling to find excuses to spend afternoons in the backyard, with family and friends and enjoy a classic Aussie barbeque. This is also the time that communities throw BBQ get togethers to share food, stories and experiences.

Keep an eye out for community barbeques through your local council's websites, Facebook events and groups. If you get invited to a barbie at a friend's place, here are some handy tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Bring along something
    • It's always a good idea to bring something to eat or drink. Ask the host if they would prefer you to bring something specific.
  • Dress down
    • The best thing about BBQs are that you are expected to turn up wearing shorts and a T-shirt!
  • Volunteer to help
    • Some hosts can be touchy about others handling their grills, but do ask if they need a hand with anything. A little help is always appreciated.
  • Clean up
    • It's always recommended that you clean after yourself. Don't leave empty cups, plates and cutlery hanging around.
  • Don't forget to socialise
    • Any gathering is a great opportunity for international students to meet new people and share experiences. It could also be a networking opportunity to make valuable connections.

Also, nobody says "Shrimp on the barbie". You have been lied to.