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Zhi Wen

My name is Zhi Wen, but you can call me Zhi. I am Malaysian, and am currently studying my second year of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Tasmania.

Outside of my degree, I’m passionate about musical theatre, engaging young kids and playing video games. I also love engaging and networking with other people in and out of the university as it gives me a sense of belonging here.

Being a uni student, I often get stressed out for assignments, tests, practicals and final exams just like any other student who isn’t a genius. For me, volunteering is a great way to vent out stress rather than screaming in my room, and the occasional exercise can definitely help too!

My favorite thing about Tasmania is the culture. On the surface, Tasmanian cities may seem small, but dig deeper and you will find there is a wealth of festivals, arts and activities that people go to. Through these events I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay.