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With its mild maritime climate, Tasmania is quite a contrast to India. We spoke to Karthick Raguraman about his experience with travelling thousands of kilometres from India to study at the University of Tasmania (UTas).

Karthick left India to study in Tasmania in 2015. It was the first time he had moved away from his home for something more than a holiday. Karthick considers himself very lucky to have found somewhere that is incredibly beautiful.

“It's one of those places where nature takes precedence, and development is never at the cost of nature,” he says.

A preconception about living in Australia is that it is always hot. But because Tasmania is Australia’s southernmost state, its winters can be crisp and snowy.

“This weather is the opposite of what I was used to in India, and it took a little time to adjust,” says Karthick.

If you’re planning to come to Tasmania from a hotter climate, don’t worry – it does still heat up in the summer. In the winter, make sure you dress warmly and take advantage of the snow!

While at UTas, Karthick studied a Master of Business Administration, specialising in marketing.

“UTAS is one of the best institutions in the country,” he says. “I am lucky to have been taught by some of the best professors I've come across.”

Aside from a high quality of academic teaching, Karthick also found the culture at the university to be extremely welcoming.

“The university encouraged students to participate in classroom discussions, and the assignments were designed to bring people of different cultures together and challenge their views and values,” he says.

After completing his studies, Karthick returned to India for an independent project, and is now managing a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. His time in Tasmania has greatly impacted the way he views his work.

“I have brought about numerous changes in accordance with what I have learned at UTas, and have managed to improve the company in all aspects,” he says.

Karthick made lifelong friends during his time in Tasmania and was happy he could spend time with them outside of university life.

“I went on a trip with a few uni buddies to Maria Island. I consider this my best memory of Tasmania. The place was breathtaking, and you are left to dwell in your own thoughts looking at the stars at night.”

Tasmania is one of those places that makes you wonder why more people aren’t singing from the rooftops about it. You can travel barely 10 minutes away from the main cities and find yourself in something out of a fairytale. There are snow-capped mountains, white sandy beaches and an abundance of gourmet food and drink – all within an easy drive of the main study campuses.

“When I talk to friends about the beauty of the place and show them some of the pictures, I can see their jaws drop,” says Karthick.

We don’t blame them! If you’re considering Australia as an option for future learning opportunities, look no further than Tasmania.