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Tracy Lin has journeyed from Hong Kong to Hobart in pursuit of a career in the Tasmanian tourism industry. After three years of study at two different Tasmanian institutions, Tracy is now working in a field that she is passionate about in Tasmania’s vibrant capital city.

Before Tracy moved to Tasmania, she was working at a travel agency in Hong Kong. Drawn to the quieter lifestyle that Tasmania offered, Tracy decided that Hobart was the right place for her to further her education.

Tracy explains, “I came to Tasmania because the environment feels like paradise, and there are not as many people as in Hong Kong or Sydney”.

When it came to finding the right place to study in Tasmania, Tracy didn’t face the usual dilemma of choosing one institution over the other – because she decided to study at both! Starting with a two-year tourism and hospitality course at TasTAFE, Tracy then completed a year-long course in tourism management at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

From the very start, Tracy had an incredibly positive study experience in Tasmania.

“I remember the moment I got off the plane. The student advisor at TasTAFE came to pick me up from the airport and took me to the supermarket and the largest shopping centre in Hobart. This made me feel welcome, and I've loved this place since that moment.”

For Tracy, the benefits of studying in Tasmania didn’t stop there. As a tourism and hospitality student at TasTAFE, Tracy got to travel around the state and experience some of Tasmania’s best tourist attractions as part of her studies.

“The best thing about taking a tourism course at TasTAFE is that I could travel while studying. I have been to almost all the tourist attractions during my studies. If you are interested in travelling, you will never feel bored here.”

Having the opportunity to study at two different educational institutions made Tracy appreciate the two different styles of study she experienced. At TasTAFE she had the chance to get some valuable practical experience in the Tasmanian tourism industry.

“TasTAFE arranged a lot of workplace experience  and internships with different travel companies. I joined events such as tourism conferences and got very engaged with the tourism industry. That was a great help for working in the industry.”

Having just moved to Tasmania, Tracy particularly enjoyed the friendly and welcoming atmosphere she experienced while studying at TasTAFE.

“TasTAFE made me feel like I was living in a big family. All the teachers were very nice to everyone and they would share their experiences of work, holidays and life. They helped us with any problems that came up in our lives and studies.”

Tracy started studying with UTAS during the pandemic, and while this meant that most of her classes were moved online, she felt supported by her tutors’ clear explanations and quick responses.

Tracy says that her current role as a front desk supervisor at a 4-star hotel  in Hobart is one of the best things to come from her studies in Tasmania. Having first started working with the hotel during a placement organised by TasTAFE, she was offered a job on completion of her placement. Once she completed her course at UTAS, Tracy was promoted to her current role.

With its wild natural environment and cultural attractions, Tasmania attracts tourists from all around the world, and Tracy enjoys the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people every day.

“We meet people who come from different countries and have different backgrounds and personalities. Some people are happy to share their experiences, and this is the most interesting part. I enjoy travelling so I very much enjoy chatting with people about their holidays.”

Tracy has now been living in Tasmania for more than four years and isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.

“I am very happy to stay in Tasmania and continue my work in the hotel. I think I will keep travelling every year but will come back to Hobart because I love it here.”

If you’re trying to decide where to study in Australia and you’re thinking about making the move to Tasmania, then Tracy has some good advice.

“Be prepared to adapt, just like moving anywhere else,” she says. “Be sure to respect cultural differences and enjoy meeting people who come from all different regions. Learning or speaking English is also important while you stay here. Strong independence will make everything easier.”